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Exact Phrase Partword Search (only one term per search field!)

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Search Tips
  1. The free text search option queries title, subject heading and abstract simultaneously.
  2. When searching an author's name, enter: surname, first name. If you only have the first name's initial, omit the abbreviation dot or enter only the surname.
  3. If you choose exact phrase, be sure to enter the words of the phrase in correct order of appearance and include articles etc.. If you choose partword search, you may enter any term or parts of terms. But enter only one term per search field.
  4. You may use the underscore (_) character as wildcard for single characters within a term. The search query Ma_er in the author field, for example, will return the different spellings Maier, Mayer etc.

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 Latest update: 23 June 2015
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