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Li, Qilin ; Zhou, Yincong ; Jiao, Yingmin ; Zhang, Zhao ; Bai, Lin ; Tong, Li ; Yang, Xiong ; Sommer, Björn ; Hofestädt, Ralf ; Chen, Ming  (2016DaTo: an atlas of biological databases and tools. (4) Special Issue: 12th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics, Bielefeld, Germany, 2016

Popik, Olga V. ; Sommer, Björn ; Hofestädt, Ralf ; Ivanisenko, Vladimir A.  (2014Evaluation and Visualization of Pathway Efficiency based on Subcellular Protein Localizations. CELLmicrocosmos neXt Workshop in context of the "German Conference on Bioinformatics", Bielefeld, 28.09.2014

Brinkrolf, Christoph ; Janowski, Sebastian Jan ; Kormeier, Benjamin ; Lewinski, Martin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Borck, Daniela ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2014VANESA - A Software Application for the Visualization and Analysis of Networks in Systems Biology Applications. (2) Special Issue: 10th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 2014

Hofestädt, Ralf ; Kormeier, Benjamin ; Lange, Matthias ; Schreiber, Falk ; Sommer, Björn ; Weise, Stephan  (2013Editorial. (1)

Kormeier, Benjamin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Töpel, Thoralf ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010CardioVINEdb: a data warehouse approach for integration of life science data in cardiovascular diseases. (1)

Lee, Hang-Mao ; Dietz, Karl J. ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010Prediction of thioredoxin and glutaredoxin target proteins by identifying reversibly oxidized cysteinyl residues. (3)

Kormeier, Benjamin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Arrigo, Patrizio ; Töpel, Thoralf ; Janowski, Sebastian ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010Reconstruction of biological networks based on life science data integration. (2)

Sommer, Björn ; Tiys, Evgeny S. ; Kormeier, Benjamin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Janowski, Sebastian J. ; Ivanisenko, Timofey V. ; Bragin, Anatoly O. ; Arrigo, Patrizio ; Demenkov, Pavel S. ; Kochetov, Alexey V. ; Ivanisenko, Vladimir A. ; Kolchanov, Nikolay A. ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010Visualization and Analysis of a Cardio Vascular Disease- and MUPP1-related Biological Network combining Text Mining and Data Warehouse Approaches. (1)

Töpel, Thoralf ; Kormeier, Benjamin ; Klassen, Andreas ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2008BioDWH: A Data Warehouse Kit for Life Science Data Integration. (2)

Hariharaputran, Sridhar ; Töpel, Thoralf ; Brockschmidt, Björn ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2007VINEdb: a data warehouse for integration and interactive exploration of life science data. (3)

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