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Calabria, Andrea ; Mosca, Ettore ; Viti, Federica ; Merelli, Ivan ; Milanesi, Luciano  (2010SNPRanker: a tool for identification and scoring of SNPs associated to target genes. (3)

Mitra, Chanchal K. ; Milanesi, Luciano  (2008An Unusal Distribution of 6-nt Sequences Near The Transcription Start Site. (2)

Romano, P. ; Bertolini, G. ; De Paoli, F. ; Fattore, M. ; Marra, D. ; Mauri, G. ; Merelli, E. ; Porro, I. ; Scaglione, S. ; Milanesi, L.  (2006Network integration of data and analysis of oncology interest. (1)

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