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Bartley, Bryan ; Beal, Jacob ; Clancy, Kevin ; Misirli, Goksel ; Roehner, Nicholas ; Oberortner, Ernst ; Pocock, Matthew ; Bissell, Michael ; Madsen, Curtis ; Nguyen, Tramy ; Zhang, Zhen ; Gennari, John H. ; Myers, Chris J. ; Wipat, Anil ; Sauro, Herbert  (2015Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Version 2.0.0. (2) Special Issue: Standards in Systems Biology

Misirli, Goksel ; Wipat, Anil ; Mullen, Joseph ; James, Katherine ; Pocock, Matthew ; Smith, Wendy ; Allenby, Nick ; Hallinan, Jennifer S.  (2013BacillOndex: An Integrated Data Resource for Systems and Synthetic Biology. (2)

Flanagan, Keith ; Nakjang, Sirintra ; Hallinan, Jennifer ; Harwood, Colin ; Hirt, Robert P. ; Pocock, Matthew R. ; Wipat, Anil  (2012Microbase2.0: A Generic Framework for Computationally Intensive Bioinformatics Workflows in the Cloud. (2) Special Issue: 7th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics, Hangzhou, China, 2012

Cockell, Simon J. ; Weile, Jochen ; Lord, Phillip ; Wipat, Claire ; Andriychenko, Dmytro ; Pocock, Matthew ; Wilkinson, Darren ; Young, Malcolm ; Wipat, Anil  (2010An integrated dataset for in silico drug discovery. (3)

Lister, Allyson L. ; Pocock, Matthew ; Wipat, Anil  (2007Integration of constraints documented in SBML, SBO, and the SBML Manual facilitates validation of biological models. (3)

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