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Wittkop, Tobias ; Rahmann, Sven ; Baumbach, Jan  (2010Efficient Online Transcription Factor Binding Site Adjustment by Integrating Transitive Graph Projection with MoRAine 2.0. (3)

Baumbach, Jan ; Wittkop, Tobias ; Weile, Jochen ; Kohl, Thomas ; Rahmann, Sven  (2008MoRAine - A web server for fast computational transcription factor binding motif re-annotation. (2)

Baumbach, Jan ; Bunkowski, Alexander ; Lange, Sita ; Oberwahrenbrock, Timm ; Kleinbölting, Nils ; Rahmann, Sven ; Baumbach, Jörg Ingo  (2007IMS2 -- An integrated medical software system for early lung cancer detection using ion mobility spectrometry data of human breath. (3)

Baumbach, Jan ; Brinkrolf, Karina ; Wittkop, Tobias ; Tauch, Andreas ; Rahmann, Sven  (2006CoryneRegNet 2: An Integrative Bioinformatics Approach for Reconstruction and Comparison of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Prokaryotes. (2)

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