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Tleis, Mohamed S. ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2015Machine Learning approach to discriminate Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells using sophisticated image features. (3) Special Issue: 11th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics, Bari, Italy, 2015

Bertens, Laura M. F. ; Slob, Joris ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2011A generic organ based ontology system, applied to vertebrate heart anatomy, development and physiology. (2)

Zhang, Yanju ; Stupka, Elia ; Henkel, Christiaan V. ; Jansen, Hans J. ; Spaink, Herman P. ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2011Identification of Common Carp Innate Immune Genes with Whole-Genome Sequencing and RNA-Seq Data. (2)

Zhang, Yanju ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2010Comparison and Integration of Target Prediction Algorithms for microRNA Studies. (3)

Belmamoune, M. ; Potikanond, D. ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2010Mining and Analysing Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Gene Expression in an Integrative Database Framework. (3)

Belmamoune, Mounia ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2008Data Integration for Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Gene Expression of Zebrafish development: the GEMS database. (2)

Belmamoune, Mounia ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2007Developmental Anatomy Ontology of Zebrafish: an Integrative semantic framework. (3)

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