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Singh, Siddharth Kumar ; Witt, Michael ; Salo, Dorothea  (2010A Comparative Analysis of Institutional Repository Software. OR2010, General Sessions

Heimann, Dennis ; Nieschulze, Jens ; König-Ries, Birgitta  (2010A flexible statistics web processing service - Added value for information systems for experiment data. (1)

Behzadi, Mahsa ; Demidem, Aicha ; Morvan, Daniel ; Schwartz, Laurent ; Stepien, Georges ; Steyaert, Jean-Marc  (2010A Model of Phospholipid Biosynthesis in Tumor in Response to an Anticancer Agent in Vivo. (3)

Hamed, Raed I. ; Ahson, S. I. ; Parveen, R.  (2010A New Approach for Modelling Gene Regulatory Networks Using Fuzzy Petri Nets. (1)

Houssos, Nikos ; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis ; Sarantopoulou, Ioanna ; Zavaliadis, Dimitris ; Sachini, Evi  (2010A service-oriented national e-theses information system and repository. OR2010, Duraspace User Group

van Ophuizen, Ernest A. A. ; Leunissen, Jack A. M.  (2010An evaluation of the performance of three semantic background knowledge sources in comparative anatomy. (3)

Cockell, Simon J. ; Weile, Jochen ; Lord, Phillip ; Wipat, Claire ; Andriychenko, Dmytro ; Pocock, Matthew ; Wilkinson, Darren ; Young, Malcolm ; Wipat, Anil  (2010An integrated dataset for in silico drug discovery. (3)

Memisevic, Vesna ; Milenkovic, Tijana ; Przulj, Natasa  (2010An integrative approach to modeling biological networks. (3)

Qi, Da ; King, Ross D. ; Hopkins, Andrew L. ; Bickerton, G. Richard J. ; Soldatova, Larisa N.  (2010An Ontology for Description of Drug Discovery Investigations. (3)

Jomier, Julien ; Bailly, Adrien ; Le Gall, Mikael ; Avila, Ricardo  (2010An Open-Source Digital Archiving System for Medical and Scientific Research . OR2010, General Sessions

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