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Lieres, Eric von ; Petersen, Sören ; Wiechert, Wolfgang  (2004A Multi-Scale Modeling Concept and Computational Tools for the Integrative Analysis of Stationary Metabolic Data. (1)

Beckstette, Michael ; Mailänder, Jens T. ; Marhöfer, Richard J. ; Sczyrba, Alexander ; Ohlebusch, Enno ; Giegerich, Robert ; Selzer, Paul M.  (2004Genlight: Interactive high-throughput sequence analysis and comparative genomics. (1)

Pruess, Manuela ; Kersey, Paul ; Apweiler, Rolf  (2004Integrating Genomic and Proteomic Data: The Integr8 Project. (1)

Dünßer, M. ; Lampidis, R. ; Schmidt, S ; Seipel, D. ; Dandekar, T.  (2004Integration of Data in Pathogenomics: Three Layers of cellular complexity and an XML-based Framework. (1)

Dieterich, Guido ; Heinz, Dirk W. ; Reichelt, Joachim  (2004Matching of PDB chain sequences to information in public databases as a prerequisite for 3D functional site visualization. (1)

Verschelde, Jean-Luc ; Dos Santos, Mariana Casella ; Deray, Tom ; Smith, Barry ; Ceusters, Werner  (2004Ontology-assisted database integration to support natural language processing and biomedical data-mining. (1)

Collins, Lesley J. ; Macke, Thomas J. ; Penny, David  (2004Searching for ncRNAs in eukaryotic genomes: Maximizing biological input with RNAmotif. (1)

Matsui, Mika ; Fujita, Sachie ; Suzuki, Shunichi ; Matsuno, Hiroshi ; Miyano, Satoru  (2004Simulated Cell Division Processes of the Xenopus Cell Cycle Pathway by Genomic Object Net. (1)

Brandes, Ulrik ; Dwyer, Tim ; Schreiber, Falk  (2004Visual Understanding of Metabolic Pathways Across Organisms Using Layout in Two and a Half Dimensions. (1)

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