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 (201116th Graduate Meeting of Evolutionary Biology of the DZG : [Abstract Volume]. 16th Graduate Meeting of Evolutionary Biology of the DZG (EVOL2011)

Bertens, Laura M. F. ; Slob, Joris ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2011A generic organ based ontology system, applied to vertebrate heart anatomy, development and physiology. (2)

Mohammad, Tabrez Anwar Shamim ; Nagarajaram, Hampapathalu Adimurthy  (2011A Hierarchical Approach to Protein Fold Prediction. (1)

Camacho, Rui ; Pereira, Max ; Santos Costa, Ví­tor ; Fonseca, Nuno A. ; Adriano, Carlos ; Simões, Carlos J. V. ; Brito, Rui M. M.  (2011A Relational Learning Approach to Structure-Activity Relationships in Drug Design Toxicity Studies. (3)

Lourenço, Anália ; Carneiro, Sónia ; Pinto, José P. ; Rocha, Miguel ; Ferreira, Eugénio C. ; Rocha, Isabel  (2011A Study of the Short and Long-term Regulation of E. coli Metabolic Pathways. (3)

Proß, Sabrina ; Bachmann, Bernhard  (2011An Advanced Environment for Hybrid Modeling of Biological Systems Based on Modelica. (1)

Kolluru, BalaKrishna ; Nakjang, Sirintra ; Hirt, Robert P. ; Wipat, Anil ; Ananiadou, Sophia  (2011Automatic extraction of microorganisms and their habitats from free text using text mining workflows. (2)

Masseroli, Marco ; Ghisalberti, Giorgio ; Ceri, Stefano  (2011Bio-Search Computing: Integration and global ranking of bioinformatics search results. (2)

Teixeira Ascenso, Rita Margarida  (2011Bioinformatics tools help molecular characterization of Perkinsus olseni differentially expressed genes. (3)

Alawi, Malik ; Kurtz, Stefan ; Beckstette, Michael  (2011CASSys: an integrated software-system for the interactive analysis of ChIP-seq data. (2)

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