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Fung, David CY ; Hong, Seok-Hee ; Koschützki, Dirk ; Schreiber, Falk ; Xu, Kai  (20082.5D Visualisation of Overlapping Biological Networks. (1)

Khan, Feroz ; Singh, S. P. ; Mishra, B. N.  (2008Conservation of the LexA repressor binding site in Deinococcus radiodurans. (1)

Segata, Nicola ; Blanzieri, Enrico ; Priami, Corrado  (2008Towards the integration of computational systems biology and high-throughput data: supporting differential analysis of microarray gene expression data. (1)

Jayashree, B. ; Rajgopal, S. ; Hoisington, D. ; Prasanth, V. P. ; Chandra, S.  (2008WebStruct and VisualStruct: web interfaces and visualization for Structure software implemented in a cluster environment. (1)

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