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Heimann, Dennis ; Nieschulze, Jens ; König-Ries, Birgitta  (2010A flexible statistics web processing service - Added value for information systems for experiment data. (1)

Hamed, Raed I. ; Ahson, S. I. ; Parveen, R.  (2010A New Approach for Modelling Gene Regulatory Networks Using Fuzzy Petri Nets. (1)

Ong, Su Yean ; Ng, Fui Ling ; Siti Suriawati Badai ; Yuryev, Anton ; Maqsudul Alam  (2010Analysis and construction of pathogenicity island regulatory pathways in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. (1)

Thiele, Herbert ; Glandorf , Jörg ; Hufnagel, Peter  (2010Bioinformatics Strategies in Life Sciences: From Data Processing and Data Warehousing to Biological Knowledge Extraction. (1)

Kormeier, Benjamin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Töpel, Thoralf ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010CardioVINEdb: a data warehouse approach for integration of life science data in cardiovascular diseases. (1)

Franke, Raimo ; Theis, Fabian J. ; Klamt, Steffen  (2010From Binary to Multivalued to Continuous Models: The lac Operon as a Case Study. (1)

Mallika, V. ; Sivakumar, K. C. ; Jaichand, S. ; Soniya, E. V.  (2010Kernel based machine learning algorithm for the efficient prediction of type III polyketide synthase family of proteins. (1)

Barh, Debmalya ; Bhat, Dattatraya ; Viero, Cedric  (2010miReg: a resource for microRNA regulation. (1)

Glez-Peña, Daniel ; Reboiro-Jato, Miguel ; Domi­nguez, Rubén ; Gómez-López, Gonzalo ; Pisano, David G. ; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino  (2010PathJam: a new service for integrating biological pathway information. (1)

Lecca, Paola ; Ihekwaba, Adaoha E. C. ; Dematté, Lorenzo ; Priami, Corrado  (2010Stochastic simulation of the spatio-temporal dynamics of reaction-diffusion systems: the case for the bicoid gradient. (1)

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