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Cai, Jinlu ; Keen, Henry L. ; Sigmund, Curt D. ; Casavant, Thomas L.  (2012Coex-Rank: An approach incorporating co-expression information for combined analysis of microarray data. (1)

Trede, Dennis ; Kobarg, Jan Hendrik ; Oetjen, Janina ; Thiele, Herbert ; Maass, Peter ; Alexandrov, Theodore  (2012On the Importance of Mathematical Methods for Analysis of MALDI-Imaging Mass Spectrometry Data. (1)

Rahmani, Hossein ; Blockeel, Hendrik ; Bender, Andreas  (2012Predicting Genes Involved in Human Cancer Using Network Contextual Information. (1)

Bartocci, Ezio ; Cacciagrano, Diletta ; Di Berardini, Maria Rita ; Merelli, Emanuela ; Vito, Leonardo  (2012UBioLab: a web-LABoratory for Ubiquitous in-silico experiments. (1)

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