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van Iersel, Martijn P. ; Sokolovic, Milka ; Lenaerts, Kaatje ; Kutmon, Martina ; Bouwman, Freek G. ; Lamers, Wouter H. ; Mariman, Edwin C. M. ; Evelo, Chris T.  (2014Integrated visualization of a multi-omics study of starvation in mouse intestine. (1)

Petrov, Peter ; Krachunov, Milko ; Vassilev, Dimitar  (2013A Semi-Automated Approach for Anatomical Ontology Mapping. (2)

Kelly, Cassidy ; Yang, Hui  (2013A System for Extracting Study Design Parameters from Nutritional Genomics Abstracts. (2)

Castellanos-Garzon, Jose A. ; Diaz, Fernando  (2013An Evolutionary and Visual Framework for Clustering of DNA Microarray Data. (3) Special Issue: Selected extended papers of the 7th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Salamanca, Spain, 2013

Liu, Lili ; Mei, Qian ; Yu, Zhenning ; Sun, Tianhao ; Zhang, Zijun ; Chen, Ming  (2013An Integrative Bioinformatics Framework for Genome-scale Multiple Level Network Reconstruction of Rice. (2)

Schneider, Till ; Hauschild, Anne-Christin ; Baumbach, Jörg Ingo ; Baumbach, Jan  (2013An Integrative Clinical Database and Diagnostics Platform for Biomarker Identification and Analysis in Ion Mobility Spectra of Human Exhaled Air. (2)

Cardenas-Garcia, Maura ; Gonzalez-Perez, Pedro Pablo  (2013Applying the Tuple Space-Based Approach to the Simulation of the Caspases, an Essential Signalling Pathway. (1)

Liu, Mingming ; King, Vanessa ; Lim, Wei Keat  (2013Assembling cell context-specific gene sets: a case in cardiomyopathy. (1)

Misirli, Goksel ; Wipat, Anil ; Mullen, Joseph ; James, Katherine ; Pocock, Matthew ; Smith, Wendy ; Allenby, Nick ; Hallinan, Jennifer S.  (2013BacillOndex: An Integrated Data Resource for Systems and Synthetic Biology. (2)

Sacar, Müserref Duygu ; Hamzeiy, Hamid ; Allmer, Jens  (2013Can MiRBase Provide Positive Data for Machine Learning for the Detection of MiRNA Hairpins?. (2)

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