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Ranganath, Aruna ; Shet, K. C. ; Vidyavathi, N.  (20063D image and graph based Computation of Protein Surface. (1)

Selpi ; Bryant, Christopher H. ; Kemp, Graham J. L. ; Cvijovic, Marija  (2006A First Step towards Learning which uORFs Regulate Gene Expression. (2)

Moodie, Stuart L. ; Sorokin, Anatoly ; Goryanin, Igor ; Ghazal, Peter  (2006A Graphical Notation to describe the Logical Interactions of Biological Pathways. (2)

Rother, Kristian ; Dunkel, Mathias ; Michalsky, Elke ; Trissl, Silke ; Goede, Andrean ; Leser, Ulf ; Preissner, Robert  (2006A structural keystone for drug design. (1)

Browne, Fiona ; Wang, Haiying ; Zheng, Huiru ; Azuaje, Francisco  (2006An assessment of machine and statistical learning approaches to inferring networks of protein-protein interactions. (2)

Khalid, Sabah ; Fraser, Karl ; Khan, Mohsin ; Wang, Ping ; Liu, Xiaohui ; Li, Suling  (2006Analysing Microarray Data using the Multi-functional Immune Ontologiser. (2)

Gillespie, Colin S. ; Wilkinson, Darren J. ; Shanley, Daryl P. ; Proctor, Carole J. ; Boys, Richard J. ; Kirkwood, Thomas B. L.  (2006BASIS: an internet resource for network modelling. (2)

Küntzer, Jan ; Blum, Torsten ; Gerasch, Andreas ; Backes, Christina ; Hildebrandt, Andreas ; Kaufmann, Michael ; Kohlbacher, Oliver ; Lenhof, Hans-Peter  (2006BN++ - A Biological Information System. (2)

Martinez, Ricardo ; Pasquier, Nicolas ; Collard, Martine ; Pasquier, Claude ; Lopez-Perez, Lucero  (2006Co-expressed gene group analysis (CGGA): An automatic tool for the interpretation of microarray experiments. (2)

Guérin, Emilie ; Marquet, Gwenaëlle ; Chabalier, Julie ; Troadec, Marie-Bérengère ; Guguen-Guillouzo, Christiane ; Loréal, Olivier ; Burgun, Anita ; Moussouni, Fouzia  (2006Combining biomedical knowledge and transcriptomic data to extract new knowledge on genes. (2)

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