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Banks, Richard ; Steggles, L. Jason  (2007A High-Level Petri Net Framework for Genetic Regulatory Networks. (3)

Alam, Intikhab ; Cornell, Mike ; Soanes, Darren M. ; Hedeler, Cornelia ; Wong, Han Min ; Rattray, Magnus ; Hubbard, Simon J. ; Talbot, Nicholas J. ; Oliver, Stephen G. ; Paton, Norman W.  (2007A Methodology for Comparative Functional Genomics. (3)

Jin, Hee-Jeong ; Lee, Jeong-Won ; Cho, Hwan-Gue  (2007A Reliable and Distributed LIMS for Efficient Management of the Microarray Experiment Environment. (1)

Jakoniene, Vaida ; Lambrix, Patrick  (2007A Tool for Evaluating Strategies for Grouping of Biological Data. (3)

Strauch, Martin ; Supper, Jochen ; Spieth, Christian ; Wanke, Dierk ; Kilian, Joachim ; Harter, Klaus ; Zell, Andreas  (2007A Two-Step Clustering for 3-D Gene Expression Data Reveals the Main Features of the Arabidopsis Stress Response. (1)

Stark, Konrad ; Eder, Johann ; Zatloukal, Kurt  (2007Achieving k-anonymity in DataMarts used for gene expressions exploitation. (1)

Oesterheld, Matthias ; Mewes, Hans Werner ; Stümpflen, Volker  (2007Analysis of integrated biomolecular networks using a generic network analysis suite. (3)

Khalid, Sabah ; Khan, Mohsin ; Symonds, Alistair ; Fraser, Karl ; Wang, Ping ; Liu, Xiaohui ; Li, Suling  (2007CIDA: An integrated software for the design, characterisation and global comparison of microarrays. (3)

Choi, Claudia ; Münch, Richard ; Bunk, Boyke ; Barthelmes, Jens ; Ebeling, Christian ; Schomburg, Dietmar ; Schobert, Max ; Jahn, Dieter  (2007Combination of a data warehouse concept with web services for the establishment of the Pseudomonas systems biology database SYSTOMONAS. (1)

Telgkamp, Michael ; Koschützki, Dirk ; Schwöbbermeyer, Henning ; Schreiber, Falk  (2007Community-based Linking of Biological Network Resources: Databases, Formats and Tools. (3)

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