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Ranganath, Aruna ; Shet, K. C. ; Vidyavathi, N.  (20063D image and graph based Computation of Protein Surface. (1)

Rother, Kristian ; Dunkel, Mathias ; Michalsky, Elke ; Trissl, Silke ; Goede, Andrean ; Leser, Ulf ; Preissner, Robert  (2006A structural keystone for drug design. (1)

Reddy, D. Ashok ; Prasad, B. V. L. S. ; Mitra, Chanchal K.  (2006Functional classification of transcription factor binding sites: information content as a metric. (1)

Pospisil, Heike  (2006Identification of embryo specific human isoforms using a database of predicted alternative splice forms. (1)

Junker, Björn H. ; Koschützki, Dirk ; Schreiber, Falk  (2006Kinetic Modelling with the Systems Biology Modelling Environment SyBME. (1)

Romano, P. ; Bertolini, G. ; De Paoli, F. ; Fattore, M. ; Marra, D. ; Mauri, G. ; Merelli, E. ; Porro, I. ; Scaglione, S. ; Milanesi, L.  (2006Network integration of data and analysis of oncology interest. (1)

Andrecut, M. ; Kauffman, S. A.  (2006Noise in Genetic Toggle Switch Models. (1)

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