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Fung, David CY ; Hong, Seok-Hee ; Koschützki, Dirk ; Schreiber, Falk ; Xu, Kai  (20082.5D Visualisation of Overlapping Biological Networks. (1)

Yuan, Yinyin ; Li, Chang-Tsun  (2008A Bayes Random Field Approach for Integrative Large-Scale Regulatory Network Analysis. (2)

Mitra, Chanchal K. ; Milanesi, Luciano  (2008An Unusal Distribution of 6-nt Sequences Near The Transcription Start Site. (2)

Töpel, Thoralf ; Kormeier, Benjamin ; Klassen, Andreas ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2008BioDWH: A Data Warehouse Kit for Life Science Data Integration. (2)

Khan, Feroz ; Singh, S. P. ; Mishra, B. N.  (2008Conservation of the LexA repressor binding site in Deinococcus radiodurans. (1)

Sun, Yudong ; McKeever, Steve  (2008Converting Biomolecular Modelling Data Based on an XML Representation. (2)

Belmamoune, Mounia ; Verbeek, Fons J.  (2008Data Integration for Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Gene Expression of Zebrafish development: the GEMS database. (2)

Teng, Li ; Chan, Laiwan  (2008Discovering Distinct Patterns in Gene Expression Profiles. (2)

Wang, Zhenggang ; Szeto, Kwok Yip ; Leung, Frederick Chi-Ching  (2008Effectiveness of Closure of Public Places with Time Delay in Disease Control. (2)

Groth, Detlef ; Hartmann, Stefanie ; Panopoulou, Georgia ; Poustka, Albert J. ; Hennig, Steffen  (2008GOblet: Annotation of anonymous sequence data with Gene Ontology and Pathway terms. (2)

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