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Memon, Farhat N. ; Owen, Anne M. ; Sanchez-Graillet, Olivia ; Upton, Graham J. G. ; Harrison, Andrew P.  (2010Identifying the impact of G-Quadruplexes on Affymetrix 3' Arrays using Cloud Computing. (2)

Klukas, Christian ; Schreiber, Falk  (2010Integration of -omics data and networks for biomedical research with VANTED. (2)

Kormeier, Benjamin ; Hippe, Klaus ; Arrigo, Patrizio ; Töpel, Thoralf ; Janowski, Sebastian ; Hofestädt, Ralf  (2010Reconstruction of biological networks based on life science data integration. (2)

Lange, Matthias ; Spies, Karl ; Bargsten, Joachim ; Haberhauer, Gregor ; Klapperstück, Matthias ; Leps, Michael ; Weinel, Christian ; Wunschiers, Robbe ; Weissbach, Mandy ; Stein, Jens ; Scholz, Uwe  (2010The LAILAPS Search Engine: Relevance Ranking in Life Science Databases. (2)

Jiang, Jeffrey Q. ; Dress, Andreas W. M. ; Chen, Ming  (2010Towards Prediction and Prioritization of disease genes by the modularity of human phenome-genome assembled network. (2)

Sanchez-Graillet, Olivia ; Stalteri, Maria A. ; Rowsell, Joanna ; Upton, Graham J. G. ; Harrison, Andrew P.  (2010Using surveys of Affymetrix GeneChips to study antisense expression. (2)

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