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Mohammad, Tabrez Anwar Shamim ; Nagarajaram, Hampapathalu Adimurthy  (2011A Hierarchical Approach to Protein Fold Prediction. (1)

Proß, Sabrina ; Bachmann, Bernhard  (2011An Advanced Environment for Hybrid Modeling of Biological Systems Based on Modelica. (1)

Pürzer, Andreas ; Grassmann, Felix ; Birzer, Dietmar ; Merkl, Rainer  (2011Key2Ann: a tool to process sequence sets by replacing database identifiers with a human-readable annotation. (1)

Üstünkar, Gürkan ; Aydin Son, Yesim  (2011METU-SNP: An Integrated Software System for SNP-Complex Disease Association Analysis. (1)

Jiang, Jeffrey Q. ; Dress, Andreas W. M. ; Chen, Ming  (2011Retraction: Towards Prediction and Prioritization of disease genes by the modularity of human phenome-genome assembled network. (1)

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