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Singh, Siddharth Kumar ; Witt, Michael ; Salo, Dorothea  (2010A Comparative Analysis of Institutional Repository Software. OR2010, General Sessions

Houssos, Nikos ; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis ; Sarantopoulou, Ioanna ; Zavaliadis, Dimitris ; Sachini, Evi  (2010A service-oriented national e-theses information system and repository. OR2010, Duraspace User Group

Jomier, Julien ; Bailly, Adrien ; Le Gall, Mikael ; Avila, Ricardo  (2010An Open-Source Digital Archiving System for Medical and Scientific Research . OR2010, General Sessions

Kaplan, Deborah ; Sauer, Anne ; Wilczek, Eliot  (2010Archival description in OAI-ORE. OR2010, General Sessions

Warner, Simeon  (2010Author identifiers: 1) Services at arXiv and 2) ORCID and repositories . OR2010, General Sessions

Bollini, Andrea ; Lam, Allen ; Mornati, Susanna ; Palmer, David T.  (2010Authority framework in 1.6 and CILEA's customization for the Hong Kong University. OR2010, Duraspace User Group

Hayes, Leonie ; Lewis, Stuart ; Newton-Wade, Vanessa  (2010Batch Metadata Editing - Dspace 1.6: a workshop/tutorial to inform and build skills. OR2010, Duraspace User Group

Shreeves, Sarah L. ; Ingram, Bill ; Larson, Eric ; Salo, Dorothea ; Donohue, Tim  (2010BibApp 1.0: Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder. OR2010, General Sessions

Cramer, Tom  (2010Blacklight: Leveraging Next Generation Discovery. OR2010, Duraspace User Group

Rumsey, Sally  (2010Blurring the boundaries between an institutional repository and a research information registry: where's the join?. OR2010, General Sessions

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