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Lösch, Mathias ; Waltinger, Ulli ; Horstmann, Wolfram ; Mehler, Alexander  (2010Building a DDC Annotated Corpus from OAI Metadata. OR2010, Posters Sessions

van Bentum, Maarten ; Vierkant, Dennis ; Gutteling, Jan M.  (2010ESCAPE: A generic tool for enhanced scientific communication. OR2010, Posters Sessions

Houssos, Nikos ; Paschou, Christina ; Stathopoulou, Ioanna-Ourania ; Stamatis, Konstantinos ; Hardouveli, Despina  (2010Implementing citation management and report generation value-added services over OAI-PMH compliant repositories. OR2010, Posters Sessions

Kreusch, Julia  (2010Pedocs and kopal: Co-operation of subject repository and long-term archiving. OR2010, Posters Sessions

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