A New Method and Toolbox for Easily Calibrating Omnidirectional Cameras


  • Davide Scaramuzza
  • Roland Siegwart




catadioptric, dioptric, fish eye, omnidirectional, camera, calibration, Matlab, toolbox, ocamcalib, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


In this paper, we focus on calibration of central omnidirectional cameras, both dioptric and catadioptric. We describe our novel camera model and algorithm and provide a practical Matlab Toolbox, which implements the proposed method. Our method relies on the use of a planar grid that is shown by the user at different unknown positions and orientations. The user is only asked to click on the corner points of the images of this grid. Then, calibration is quickly and automatically performed. In contrast with previous approaches, we do not use any specific model of the omnidirectional sensor. Conversely, we assume that the imaging function can be described by a polynomial approximation whose coefficients are estimated by solving a linear least squares minimization problem followed by a non-linear refinement. The performance of the approach is shown through several calibration experiments on both simulated and real data. The proposed algorithm is implemented as a Matlab Toolbox, which allows any inexpert user to easily calibrate his own camera. The toolbox is completely Open Source and is freely downloadable from the author's Web page.






Camera Calibration Methods for Computer Vision Systems - CCMVS 2007