Real-time scattering compensation for time-of-flight camera

  • James Mure-Dubois
  • Heinz Hügli
Schlagworte: time-of-flight, range imaging, real-time, scattering, deconvolution, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


3D images from time-of-flight cameras may suffer from false depth readings caused by light scattering. In order to reduce such scattering artifacts, a scattering compensation procedure is proposed. First, scattering is analysed and expressed as a linear transform of a complex image. Then, a simple scattering model is formulated. Assuming a space invariant point spread function as a model for the scattering leads to a solution in a form of a deconvolution scheme whose computational feasibility and practical applicability are further discussed in this paper.
Camera Calibration Methods for Computer Vision Systems - CCMVS 2007