Visual Quality Control in Heat Shrink Tubing


  • Alexander Barth
  • Rainer Herpers
  • Markus Greßnich



heat shrink tubes, automation, measurement, machine vision, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


In this contribution a machine vision inspection system is presented which is designed as a length measuring sensor. It is developed to be applied to a range of heat shrink tubes, varying in length, diameter and color. The challenges of this task were the precision and accuracy demands as well as the real-time applicability of the entire approach since it should be realized in regular industrial line production. In production, heat shrink tubes are cut to specific sizes from a continuous tube. A multi-measurement strategy has been developed, which measures each individual tube segment several times with sub pixel accuracy while being in the visual field. The developed approach allows for a contact-free and fully automatic control of 100% of produced heat shrink tubes according to the given requirements with a measuring precision of 0.1mm. Depending on the color, length and diameter of the tubes considered, a true positive rate of 99.99% to 100% has been reached at a true negative rate of > 99.7.






The 5th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems