Pedocs and kopal: Co-operation of subject repository and long-term archiving


  • Julia Kreusch



OR2010, Posters Sessions, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


The Information Center for Education of the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt on Main offers information and advice services for all areas of education and educational science. These are online portals, full text and bibliographic databases, information systems and participative Web 2.0 applications. Since 2008, the Information Center for Education has operated its subject repository "pedocs" which focuses on digital publications in the field of educational science, pedagogical practice and the history of education. For the time being this repository is run as a project in parallel with a second project, "Long term preservation - pedagogics" aiming to preserve texts acquired, recorded and stored in the "pedocs" repository on a long term basis. The synchrony of both projects offers an opportunity to prepare the digital objects in pedocs from the outset in a way that makes them suitable for subsequent transfer into a long-term archive. While the repository is solely managed by the Information Center for Education, the archiving will be operated in co-operation with the German National Library (DNB). The poster will outline the workflows which have been developed and established for acquisition of open-access publications on the one hand and for long term preservation of the text objects on the other hand. It will illustrate which aspects (i.e legal, technical, organisational) had to be considered to prepare the preserving objects for transfer into the long term archive. The co-operation and resource sharing of the DIPF and DNB taking place in the framework of a superordinate project using the archiving system "kopal", a joint-venture development of the DNB and the Göttingen State and University Library, will be presented.