Repository sustainability: arXiv business model experience and implications


  • Simeon Warner
  • Oya Rieger



OR2010, Sustainability and Business Operations, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


In January 2010 Cornell University Library moved to expand the funding base for arXiv by requesting support from user institutions. We hope that this voluntary support model will engage the institutions that benefit most from arXiv while maintaining arXiv's open access mission as a service free to readers and submitters alike. The development of a business model has made us look closely at arXiv's sustainability from both operational and technical standpoints. The engagement of supporting institutions creates new requirements to demonstrate value to these institutions as separate from arXiv's understood value to the community in general. In this presentation we will briefly describe options considered in development of the business model, the model chosen, uptake and feedback. We will then focus on the implications for arXiv's operation, for the long term development of our platform, and new reporting facilities.