Using DSpace as a Closed Research Repository


  • Ianthe Hind
  • Robin Taylor



OR2010, Research Management, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


Introduction This year the University of Edinburgh introduced a dual DSpace ( repository architecture: A closed repository to hold all research outputs (no full-text required and password protected) and an open access repository (full-text only). This presentation will focus on the closed repository. In our repository we have our university hierarchy: colleges and schools as the communities and the academic staff at the collection level. This is not the conventional way of setting up a DSpace repository and immediately allows an author to be associated with a collection. We used the item based submission from the 2009 Google Summer of Code Submission Enhancements ( This has allowed us to only display relevant metadata based on publication type during submission. We have added functionality for an academic (on the collection level) to export a list of their publications to their own personal webpage by inserting some JavaScript (or as XML). This dynamically fetches the list of their publications from the repository at each load, with the most recent publications and orderings as defined by the academic reflected in the list. The same can be done by a research administrator (on the community level) to export a list of publications for their school or research group. We have developed the ability to export items across to our open repository using SWORD - open access items can be copied across on deposit and those under embargo can be copied across once the embargo period has passed.