Authority framework in 1.6 and CILEA's customization for the Hong Kong University


  • Andrea Bollini
  • Allen Lam
  • Susanna Mornati
  • David T. Palmer



OR2010, DSpace 1.6, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


Universities and researcher centers are rethinking their communication strategies, highlighting the quality of their research output and the profiles of their best researchers. Listing publications from an Expert Finder system may represent a solution. But providing an Expert Finder system within an IR is a more innovative approach. This idea was developed by the University of Hong Kong Libraries and applied to their IR, HKU Scholars Hub at, powered by DSpace. This presentation shows how the HKU requirements were implemented by CILEA in the context of the ResearcherPage@HKU project. Using the new authority control framework by Larry Stone, introduced in DSpace 1.6.0, an Expert Finder system can be nicely integrated with DSpace but kept technically separated. Its components can evolve separately and are easier and cheaper to maintain. The author (Bollini) has contributed in porting the authority control framework, originally implemented for the XMLUI, to the JSPUI, and extending its architecture to support browse and search variants.