DOARC - Distributed Open Access Reference Citations Service


  • Michael Maune
  • Eberhard R. Hilf



OR2010, Citation and Bibliography, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


DOARC ( with its demonstator Distributed Open Access Reference Citations, is a new service under development to be served by DINI as part of its emerging OA-Network System ( and and funded by the DFG (German Science Foundation DFG, which aims at creating an interactive reference index for scientific documents. Special emphasis is given to the Open Access (OA) documents posted by the present German OAI-PMH-Institutional Repositories at Universities and large Research Institutions. One part of it will be a citation-based user interface with tools for authors and readers. The general motivation behind DOARC is to serve add-on services with regard to citations and specically exploit and make use of the opportunities that the OA document world offers by its access to the full text documents. This will provide an extra benefit for both, authors and readers and thus boost the way to spread OA and thus in the end add to increase the rate of citations in an OA world. Specically, by DOARC authors will be given a tool, to ensure that they cite correctly, and that their document's references list will be extracted and added to the pool of DOARC citations. Readers will get a tool by which they can find a document relevant for them by browsing through citations and by a graphical tool which shows the 'content affinity' to other documents in the widely distributed pool of scientific OA-papers. We will exchange our checked metadata with other citation services and further the know-how for non-commercial citation services. In the interface the user will be able to see references with additional information of high value (enriched metadata). We are integrating the services into a wider European context by joining a new initiative organized by Alma Swan of Key Perspectives.