DSpace Discovery: Unifying DSpace Search and Browse with Solr

  • Mark Diggory
Keywords: OR2010, Resource Discovery, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


One key innovation long awaited by the DSpace community is a more intuitive and unified search and browse experience. NESCent and @mire NV have collaborated to create a new Faceted Search and Browse experience for NESCent's DSpace repository, Dryad. DSpace Discovery is a modular Add-on for DSpace XMLUI that replaces DSpace search and browse with Solr. The implementation of Discovery's Services utilize the DSpace Services API originally developed for DSpace 2.0 and back-ported for use within the recent release of DSpace 1.6.0. Thus, DSpace Discovery represents the next stage in @mire's DSpace 2.0 development initiative.