ESCAPE: A generic tool for enhanced scientific communication


  • Maarten van Bentum
  • Dennis Vierkant
  • Jan M. Gutteling



OR2010, Posters Sessions, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


General scope In order to enhance communication of research results as part of a network of actors in a particular field one wants to · relate relevant objects (documents, persons, institutions, projects, ... on the basis of content and describe/annotate these relations · communicate and present these aggregated objects for various target groups, not only scientists but also policy makers, journalists, companies, and the general public · enhance this communication by commenting and tagging related objects The tool ESCAPE is a tool in which users can aggregate digital objects stored at any location and describe, annotate, comment and tag the relations between these objects. The system not only allows formal relations (like bibliographic metadata) but especially "content relations" concerning topics, reviews, comments, discussions, applications, etc.