Implementing citation management and report generation value-added services over OAI-PMH compliant repositories


  • Nikos Houssos
  • Christina Paschou
  • Ioanna-Ourania Stathopoulou
  • Konstantinos Stamatis
  • Despina Hardouveli



OR2010, Posters Sessions, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


The National Documentation Center (EKT) has developed HELIOS ( - the institutional repository of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) aiming at collecting the scientific work of its associate researchers. DSpace has been used as the repository platform in the implementation of HELIOS. According to the repository literature (A DRIVER’s Guide to European Repositories, Amsterdam University Press, 2008), offering value-added services to researchers can be an important factor for repository take-up, able to significantly increase deposits through self-archiving. Therefore, in order to encourage the usage of HELIOS among the NHRF researchers, an application providing value-added services over the repository has been developed. In brief, this application harvests the digital repository's data and presents them outside the repository's framework, enabling citation management and configurable custom reporting, for example producing publication lists per researcher and institute, exactly in the format applied in the institute annual report. The application is in operation on top of the HELIOS DSpace-based repository; however it has been designed and implemented to depend only on information retrieved via OAI-PMH, so that it can work with any OAI-PMH compliant repository platform (DSpace, Eprints, Fedora, etc.)