Interactive Multi-Submission Deposit Workflows for Desktop Applications


  • David Tarrant
  • Les Carr
  • Alex D. Wade
  • Simeon Warner



OR2010, Academic Workflows, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


Online submission and publishing is the norm for academic researchers. With the pressure on these authors to submit their work to conferences, journals and Institutional Repositories, this leads to demands on the author to go through multiple web based interfaces, filling in forms with the same information multiple times before they can submit. At the same time, each of these services in turn will have made policy decisions on what types of format they allow and what templates the content has to conform to. The amount of work expected of the author does not adding up to the potential gain, thus most authors will only submit into the repository or publication where they foresee the most benefit. In this paper we propose a solution to this problem that embeds the workflow for multiple submissions into the desktop application of the author, most commonly Microsoft Word. We also propose extending the work done on the Microsoft Word Author Add-in tool to allow two-way negotiation between each repository and the desktop application.