Public Policy Research in PolicyArchive: Use of DSpace When Metadata Meets Open Access


  • Sarah Buchanan



OR2010, Open Access, Library and information sciences, DDC: 020


Legislation at the state and national level is shaped through the conduct of research on the existing conditions, infrastructure, and community practice of specific areas of social inquiry. Public policy research, both within the academy and in government, serves a vital role in preparing legislators and policymakers to enact well-informed measures that are grounded in regional studies. Such work is becoming increasingly urgent as social issues and phenomena become more layered, complex, and interdisciplinary, and require more nuanced investigations. The results of this research, while essential at the time of need, have not historically been collected in a systematic manner that would enable access to the data beyond the immediate time period. A clear need has been expressed by researchers in many contexts who seek access to the rich content produced by local organizations, publishers, specialized institutes, and independent bodies of experts.