''Health Needs'' Concept


  • Lijana Zaletel-Kragelj
  • Ivan Eržen
  • Marjan Premik




Health need, health care need, demand, health care demand, a population perspective, a health-care provider perspective, economic perspective, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


The concept of ''health needs'' is one of key concepts in public health. From the public health standpoint, the most important perspective on this concept is the perspective of a population, or an individual respectively. But along this perspective there exist several other perspectives, which can be to the certain extent similar, but also could be also very different. All this enters an enormous confusion in its understanding, and consecutively this concept seems rather elusive. This confusion originates from the fact that the concept of “health needs” is very difficult to define exactly, like it is also very difficult to define exactly the concept of “health itself”, since both concepts are extremely complex entities. The module is trying to enlighten some problems concerning the “health needs” concept”.