Alternative Medicine During Millenional Transition


  • Vuk Stambolović



Alternative medicine, holographic paradigm, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


Alternative medicine is becoming the important factor in health care in most countries of developed world. Generally, that development was enabled by spreading of postmodern comprehension within the Western Weltanschauung. Postmodern comprehension both, enabled deconstruction of dominant health paradigm, and stimulated acceptance of pluralistic attitudes in matters of health care. So, alternative medicine is travelling now on a rather fast track through medical institutions and even through most solemn medical campuses of developed world. Of course, there is no doubt who is holding the reins there. So, in order to cut through power plays of powers that be it is crucial to be aware of distinctions between alternative and official medicine. The differentia specifica of alternative medicine could be understood by dropping out of Cartesian paradigm and by turning to the basic postulates of holographic paradigm.