Economic Assesment and Management of process of Ageing in Bulgaria


  • Jasmine Pavlova



Economics, assessment, management, ageing, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


Demographic, social and economic status of Bulgarian third age population is one of the less favourable among the EU member states. Population in Bulgaria decreased from 8 948 649 in 1985 to 7 640 000 in 2007 with stable reduction of growing generation, standstill of at-labour-age persons and increase of the above-labour-age population. Major problem is the low employment level of ageing population, unsatisfactory health care services and unsupportive pensioning system.Elder people find themselves in completely new economic and social situation, which together with the usual changes create complexes of vulnerability, inability to manage daily tasks and health problems. The training aims at improvement of the competencies of students, professionals and aged people, their skills to manage the economic reality, enhance their health culture and diminish their exposure to diseases.