Evidence Based Policy - Practical Approaches. The Bulgarian National Health Strategy 2007-2012


  • Petko Salchev
  • Nikolay Hristov
  • Lidia Georgieva




health policy, evidence based policy, research, health strategy, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


In recent years we have seen the successful implementation of new methods in formulating health policy, based on sound research data – the so called evidence based policy. This new approach to health policy helps experts formulate decisions on the basis of good information concerning programs and projects, through presenting supporting evidence from research, which in turn becomes the core for political development and implementation. We decided to analyze the project for a National health strategy 2007-2012 of Bulgaria and see how well it corresponds to the principles of evidence based policy. Critical evaluation of the last draft of the National health strategy 2007-2012 reveals a number of weaknesses due to the documents’ inconformity with the basic principles of evidence based policy making. We conclude with a discussion on possible implications for Bulgaria’s health policy.