New Potentials of Telecomunication Technologies in the Healthcare Services Framework


  • Drago Rudel
  • Malcolm Fisk



Telecare, elderly, domiciliary help, personal response system, carephone, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


Telecare is a new means of providing healthcare and social support at home where telecommunication technologies are the medium for service provision. It uses a public telephone network and provides a means of getting help, notably for people who are at risk of falling, sudden illness, fits or seizures. Sensors added to a carephone are introduced monitor the user’s environment and health condition and alert a response centre when there is a threat to their health or well-being. Personal response systems operate in all western European countries and also, more recently, in Slovenia. Experiences gathered when establishing a pilot network of carephones and a response centre in the capital city of Ljubljana are presented along with a discussion of the efforts made to create a national network. A personal response system as a telecare application used primarily by vulnerable older people with response centres having the capacity to serve 30.000 potential users. Obstacles to their development are discussed.