Occupational Health


  • Jovanka Karadžinska-Bislimovska
  • Jordan Minov
  • Snežana Ristecka-Kuc
  • Sašo Stoleski
  • Dragan Mijakovski




Occupational Health Services, basic Occupational health Services, workers’ health, public health approach, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


Health at work and healthy work environments are among the most valuable assets of individuals, communities and countries. Nowadays, new broader approach is promoted, recognizing the fact that occupational health is a key, but not a unique element of workers’ health. Workers health is a public health approach to resolving the health problems of working populations including all determinants of health recognized as targets of risk management. It focuses on primary prevention of occupational and work-related diseases and injuries, protection and promotion of the health of workers. The major component of occupational safety and health system or infrastructure is occupational health service. The Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) are an essential service for protection of people's health at work, for promotion of health, well-being and work ability, as well as for prevention of ill-health and accident. BOHS should provide the services available to all workers, addressing to local needs and adapted to local conditions and existing resources. The development of occupational health system and policy requires strengthen governmental stewardship and ensure continuous political commitment to occupational health. OH policy should provide the development of legislation and standards in the field as well as effective mechanisms for financing of occupational health services. The expected results should be ensuring access to basic occupational health services for all workers with establishing essential requirements for service provision and providing the quality assurance systems for occupational health services.