Qualitative Naturalistic Approach


  • Selma Šogorić
  • Tea Vukušić Rukavina
  • Aleksandar Džakula
  • Ognjen Brborović




research, qualitative methods, public health, DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


The use of qualitative and consensus building techniques enables better understanding and improved collaboration among “policy stakeholders” (politicians, administration, public health professionals and community) involved in needs assessment and health policy formulation. War, migration, and transition in South East Europe hardened most of public health activities but especially made the process of health needs assessment and formulation of health policy very difficult. Qualitative analytical methods have been introduced in Croatia over the last 10 years. Nine Croatian cities and 15 Croatian counties created City/County Health Profiles and City/County Health Plans by using qualitative methods. The greatest gain from introducing the qualitative analytical approach is wider participation in planning and managing of the resources for health at all levels, from community and regional to national level. Qualitative analytical approach was conducted through an intense and prolonged contact with a field, and real community life, enabling gaining of a 'holistic' overview of the local community.