Satisfaction of needs and Patient's Expectations of Hospital Care


  • Petya Trendafilova
  • Kiril Kirilov



Satisfaction, needs, patients’ experiences, inpatient hospital care., DDC: 610 (Medicine and health)


There is an increasing interest in eliciting feedback from patients to highlight aspects of care that need improvement and to monitor performance and quality of care. Hospitals increasingly need to adopt a patient-centred attitude. Traditionally, assessments have ignored the reports of patients in preference to technical and physiological reports of outcome. Healthcare systems have sought to achieve a balance in services that offer not only clinically effective and evidence based care, but which are also judged by patients as acceptable and beneficial. Questionnaires that ask patients to rate their care in terms of how satisfied they are tend to elicit very positive ratings, which are not sensitive to problems with the specific processes that affect the quality of care delivery. A more valid approach is to ask patients to report in detail on their