Local Adaptive Receptive Field Self-Organizing Map for Image Segmentation

  • Aluizio R. F. Araújo
  • Diogo C. Costa
Schlagworte: Self-Organizing Map, Grow When Required, Radial Basis Function, Image segmentation, Border segmentation, Image processing, DDC: 004 (Data processing, computer science, computer systems)


A new self-organizing map with variable topology is introduced for image segmentation. The proposed network, called Local Adaptive Receptive Field Self-Organizing Map (LARFSOM-RBF), is a two-stage network capable of both color and border segment images. The color segmentation stage is responsibility of LARFSOM which is characterized by adaptive number of nodes, fast convergence and variable topology. For border segmentation RBF nodes are included to determine the border pixels using previously learned information of LARFSOM. LARFSOM-RBF was tested to segment images with different degrees of complexity showing promising results.